Cam Lindsay - Guitarist and singer

I was born in Portland in 1965 in a caravan called “The Noo”. My Parent’s Scottish heritage meant although born in England, Scotland has always been close to my heart and I consider myself a Scot ! Well with a name like Cameron Frazer Lindsay who wouldn’t.

My musical adventures began at about the age of 13 after watching my older Brother’s band’s drummer, Stevie Simmonds, playing drums not unlike Stuart Copeland (The Police) – He was an inspiration to me and Drumming became my first love. 

I played in numerous bands over the years, made some great friends and had some wonderful times. My Drumming influences changed through the years from Copeland to Brezeski (Big Country) to Hakim, finally to Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) all very technical drummers with great feel – I practised hard to emulate these idols, but don’t think I ever got that close.

I took a stab at playing sax in my mid 20s which was great fun – even played Sax live a few times which was pretty nerve wracking!!

In my mid 30s I joined a London based Irish Rock\Folk band “The Renegades”, gigged with them for about 12 years (including the “Live at 6 Show” on Sky TV and the Madejski Stadium Reading).

Numerous tours over Ireland ensued, which were often pretty messy, until I hung up my sticks in 2012.
In 2013 I was missing the music scene (not playing\gigging felt alien to me). But I needed a new challenge; I’d always dabbled with acoustic Guitar.  In fact, I bought a cheap old acoustic and learned to play (rather badly) whilst travelling around Australia back in the 90’s.

I’d always sang a bit in Bands (mostly BVs\harmonies etc) and wanted to further this aspect of my Music along with perfecting the Acoustic Guitar…

I’d had an eye out for a Singer\Guitarist for a while (to pair up with) and a friend gave Steve (my now One 4 the Road duo partner in crime) my number.

We arranged to meet up for a jam at an open mic night and just gelled instantly. Funnily enough, both our song books had pretty much the same songs in them!!!
18 months down the road, we are ticking along nicely and really enjoying all aspects of playing in an Acoustic Duo.